eCommerce Web Site Design also does copywriting. If you have trouble coming up with words to articulate the theme within the web site or if you only need an editorial eye to clean up some fragmented sentences and dangling participles, then we can do this also. Search engines (SE's) need clear and concise sentence structure in order to know the website's theme so they can place the web in the proper categories. Clients also need excellent writing in order to navigate the site and buy products or services. Clear copywriting is essential not only at the point of sale but at the point of persuasion as well. With clear copywriting visitors will beg to become your customers.


Once a guest finds your site and he or she is attracted enough by the web site design to stay awhile, then they'll start reading to find the content they desire. Copywriting is the key to delivering content to the consumer and the SE's. If the copywriting is haphazard, hard to understand and generally unintelligible, then the guest will leave and not come back. If however, the copywriting is clear, concise, to the point and gives the customer what they want, he or she will be back many times.



Excellent ecommerce web site design is also part of this equation. If you have excellent web site design and excellent copywriting, then guests may not be able to pull themselves away from your site!

If you're not an Internet-savvy programmer or Webmaster then taking advantage of most of our services will get you the best results. We'll design a logo to build your website around, build a website, optimize the site for the SE's and also do optimized copywriting for the website's customers and the search engines. Having us do these tasks will greatly increase the website's visibility within the top of the search engine rankings.

I already have an ecommerce site with excellent web design but I need help with the copywriting.

You have come to the right place, my friend. As with any of our services you can choose none of them, one of them, two, three or all of them. The choice is yours. What may seem simple is actually and art and a science. When you write copy for the web, you write for your customers and the SE's at the same time. Over years of doing this very thing, we have developed an awareness of the techniques that work and those that don't. Excellent design and writing go hand-in-hand.

Check out our Optimization page for some samples of pages that are ranked at the top of the search engines. Approximately half of these ecommerce sites requested more than one of our services and you can see the results. If your budget cannot afford several of our services though just pick the one you need help with the most. The important thing is to get started!






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