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Web Design

Re-Design - Our most popular request is for website re-design. If you have all of the elements but desire a fresh look for your site, why not contact us for a re-design. Only $175 / page

Personal Homepage - includes main page with a banner plus one or two graphics and simple navigation menu. Upload web. Only $599

Basic Web - includes homepage plus 4 sub-pages, one or two graphics per page and a navigation bar or menu. Upload web and submit to top 10 search engines. Only $1249

Moderate to Complex - email with details for a quote.

Great design begins with talented, knowledgeable designers. If you already have an idea of the design you want, then let us know. We will work with you. We want you to be 100% happy with the web design so that you will spread the word.


I'm afraid I will pay you a lot of money, then not like the design

Fear not! Many customers have a fear of paying a lot of money and not getting what they want in the end. This fear is understandable since you are really buying a design sight unseen until the final product. We will bend over backwards to make the design exactly to your liking. If you would like we will set up an approvable process so that you can see and approve the web design every step of the way in the design process. You are paying for the web design so why shouldn't you be happy with it every step of the way?


Domain Name Registration and Web Hosting

Domain Name Registration - $35 per year

Web Hosting Basic Web - $8 per month which includes 100MB disk space, 2GB transfer rate, 2 POP email accounts, Admin Control Panel, Help Desk Support, more.

Web Hosting Advanced Web - $15 per month which includes 500MB disk space, 30GB transfer rate, 300 POP email accounts, Admin Control Panel, Help Desk Support, more.

Graphic Design

If you need help creating logos, animations or other graphic elements for a website, we can do the design for you. Excellent web design starts with excellent graphic design. Check out our Graphic Design page for samples. Our rates are based on $75 per hour.


We'll research and offer you advice on what relevant keyword-phrases will gain the most traffic to the site. We'll optimize the page/s to your (or our) relevant keyword-phrase/s but you'll get to choose upfront which way to go.

Service A: Homepage, One-time Optimization: includes optimization of all meta-tags and all other tags that a search engine looks for on each website. We also create optimized page text for proper keyword density and high relevancy. You'll receive a statistical report outlining the the page/s before and after optimization. Only $399

Service B: Homepage, 12-month Optimization Service: includes all of Service A, plus monthly statistical reports showing the search engine page rank results, we submit the page/s once a month to the top search engines and we optimize (tweak) the pages as necessary for continued good results. Only $949

Service C: Homepage, 12-month Optimization Service Pro: includes all of Service B, plus a monthly link-building campaign. Only $1249


If you need copywriting help on the inside pages of the web, we are experts at this. Our copywriting will both help you to sell your product or service and contribute to the optimization of the site. Our rates are based on $65 per hour.


Business Cards on CD's

Many people are opting to not only put up a promotional website but also are offering their services on CD - A busniess card CD if you will. If you have any interest in a business card CD email us for a quote.



Company Philosophy

eCommerce web site design is both an art and a science. We take pride in the eCommerce web site design that we've done over the years as we've helped many online businesses achieve higher click-through rates, page views and more customer confidence than with their old designs. We also offer premiere SEO services as well to bring customers to your website.

eCommerce web site design combined with SEO provides a one-two punch that few other companies can offer effectively. Search engine optimization brings visitors to your website and great eCommerce web site design converts those visitors into customers. If you've paid attention to your visitor tracking software, you'll know that web site design can make or break an eBusiness in a hurry.

Customers will drop off and not come back with a poorly designed web site. If the navigation structure is flawed, then visitors will leave for the same reason. We our company and our premiere eCommerce solutions, we give customers a reason to stay and come back often. Isn't this what you want?


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