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Flash web design is something for which more and more customers are asking. A web design based upon Flash graphics grab attention and give a bit of hip-ness and credibility to a website. Since Flash (by Macromedia) is the web design bandwagon upon which every designer seems to be jumping it is important to do it well in order to distinguish oneself from the crowd.

Our ecommerce web design firm develops Flash graphics that are both eye-catching and insync with your business focus. Our firm will never place a fancy Flash header on your site simply to grab attention. The Flash must be integrated with the look, feel and purpose of the rest of the site.




To Flash Or Not To Flash

Over the past 6 months, search engines have also been able to read Flash. This means that the text inside the Flash needs to be optimized for the search engines as well. Our ecommerce-focused web design firm will optimize the text as we build the Flash animation.

Necessary keywords will become integrated into the Flash masthead or graphic to give your ecommerce website an added boost in the search engine rankings. We can develop Flash animations based upon your photos or graphics or our own. Our web design firm has a large database of royalty free and paid use photos which we use in the creation of most of our Flash animations.

Even though Flash web design is something that has not yet been fully approved by the W3C, most directories and web surfers already have the Flash plugin (automatically installed with most browsers) so compatibility is almost never an issue now days.

If you would like a few Flash web designs created by professionals, then send our web design firm an email letting us know what you'd like done. Flash web design is fun, so we want to hear from you - now!








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