Good Web Design Basics

Web design that is appealing is based on several key elements listed below. Good web design is an art and a science as web pages have to be aesthetically pleasing and functional. Check out some of the web design basics below that will turn average web design into good web design.




Keep It Simple, Stupid (KISS)

This is a good philosophy for Life and a good philosophy for web design as well. Visitors generally like simplicity, not complexity. Complexity can be overwhelming and website guests know they could easily escape this feeling by moving on to another site. In good design, the logo and headline needs to tell quickly and clearly what the website is about. The website needs to load quickly and be easy to navigate. If your site does this you're off to a good start.



Make The Website Fast Loading

Most visitors aren't patient people. Visitors are not good at waiting. They want information and they want it quickly. If guests can't get it from one site they may move on to another website that delivers. Don't overload pages with graphics, animations, movies, etc. If the page is 100K then it is 3 to 4 times too big. Guests will only wait a few seconds for the web site to load. If the site takes too long to load the visitor may hit the Back button on the browser and go on to a competitor's website which has a better design. Is this what you want? What's good about this?

Make The Website Easy to Navigate

Put a navigation bar somewhere at the top of the website where visitors can see it and easily understand it. Remember you visitors are in a hurry to get information and get it quickly. Help them by making it obvious where they need to go next. Design having this in mind.

Put Search On The Website

If you have many pages on the website (over 100) put a search box so guests quickly find what they need. There are some free cgi scripts on the web for all to use or there are some other services at low or no cost you can use for a search box. Remember that guests are in a hurry, so anything you do that may help them get their information quickly will be a bonus for your well-designed website. Good is as good does.

Spell Check The Website

When writing the text for the site it is advisable to use Microsoft Word or another program where you're able to easily spell check and grammar check the verbage. You may have a beautiful, functional design for you site and ruin it by having a bunch of misspelled words and grammatical errors.

Contact Information and Copyright Notice

Visitors may wish to contact you directly for many reasons. Even if you don't wish to be bothered it is still good practice at the very least to include a snail mail address to a P. O. Box. Guests on the web usually wish to contact you via email address so include this on the Contact Us page. If you're worried about SPAM then set up a free email address with someone with good SPAM filtering (like Yahoo or Excite). Be sure to put a copyright notice on every page of the website for your protection. This is just a standard part of doing business on the web.

Design The Pages for Multiple Browsers

Netscape, Explorer, Opera, Lynx, WebTV, NetPhonic's Web-On-Call, Mobile Telephones, or Personal Digital Assistants are a few of the browsers and platforms that visitors will use to access the website. While you're developing a website it is important that you test the pages in as many browsers and on as many platforms as is feasible so that guests coming from any location will have a good experience with the site. If your web design is solid, the users with disabilities, such as blind individuals, will be able access the website and use the text-to-voice or Braille displays without problem.




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