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Web design by eCommerce Web Site Design Co. is fast, easy and inexpensive. eCommerce Web Site Design Co. can design for you a simple, eye-catching homepage, or a homepage plus a few key internal pages or the entire website!

If you're looking for your website to get found by the top search engines, get liked by those who see it and get business from those who enter the site, then you've come to the right place - eCommerce Web Site Design Co.. We do web design. What else is there to say?

What do you offer?

First of all, unlike some other web design sites, we do not use common templates that can be found on the Internet or inside some software packages when we build a website. Each website is custom built so that it is like no other website on the Internet!

Second, what we do offer is an eye-catching, easily optimize-able website that is simple to navigate either using your photos and graphics or our own. If you do not have a company logo in which to build the pages around we will develop a logo for you at a slight extra charge (see Graphics and Rates). If you do not have a logo and don't wish for us to develop a custom logo for you, we will build a banner logo as part of the site.

Many of our clients are very experienced web programmers, web gurus and whatevers, but aren't designers themselves. They come to us for a cool, fresh design and new look and they take the rest from there as far as optimization, creating more pages, submitting to the search engines (SE's), etc.

Other clients want a little more help, so our staff at eCommerce Web Site Design Co. will also create graphics, animations, do copywriting, optimize the site and submit the site to the major search engines. We will scan your photos or use ours. How much you would like for us to do is entirely up to you.




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Who owns the copyright?

The client owns the copyright on everything we create for them. eCommerce Web Site Design Co. works on a 'for hire' basis and after you've paid for services you have then acquired all rights to the graphics and words on the site.

Okay, so what don't you offer?

eCommerce Web Site Design Co.does not offer advanced programming at this time. We also don't do Flash sites. If you are looking for PHP, JavaScript or another programming language for the site, we can refer you to some other excellent resources that can accomplish this for you. If you would like web hosting or have some basic shopping cart needs, then we can help you with this.

We encourage you to keep your homepage as clean as possible as far as programming scripts are concerned. The SE's , as a rule, do not like scripts. Now, that said, many of the businesses we work with will want some minor coding on their web pages for opinion polls or newsletter signups or for tracking traffic. Remember, all the code you put on a page takes away from the keywords you are trying to get the SE's to see.

The same thing goes for Flash sites. We don't design in Flash because the search engines simply don't see them. Search engines have been historically geared towards the text on the page in order to find out what it is about and where it should be placed. Flash, while being the cool 'in' thing in design simply won't bode well with the search engines so we avoid it as well. We design optimized web pages with your budget in mind is our motto!



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