Search engine optimization is a long-term goal and should not be mistaken for a pay-per-click advertising system the delivers immediate results.

Search Engine Optimization

Besides web design, search engine optimization is our specialty. We've been doing this since 1997 and know how to get websites at the top of the search engine rankings. Of course, no one can guarantee top results and ranking takes time (2 to 6 months), but we stand by our track record of getting websites in the top rankings at Google, AOL, Yahoo, and many others. We have years of experience in developing successful optimization campaigns. SEO Optimization claims are made by many, but just ask them (and us!) for a list of top 10 or 20 placements. We will show you our optimization works!

Of course not all jobs are right for us, that's why I recommend SEO Expert Services Fullerton, CA when the going gets tough, because this search engine optimization consultant will really get you going.

How does eCommerce Web Site Design Co. do this?

First of all, ethically. We do not use any cloaking techniques to achieve top search engine rankings (cloaking is a technique of serving up one raw, optimized html page to the search engine and a different, cool one for everyone else to see). Besides the ethical concerns, if this technique is not done properly, many times a search engine will ban your IP address from their site.

What eCommerce Web Site Design Co. does do, however, is to use the techniques we've learned over time in order to achieve the best rankings. Ingenuity is our engine in achieving great optimization. eCommerce Web Site Design Co. will first ask what keyword phrase you want the search engine to find on the site and then we will optimize the meta-tags, etc. so that you'll be found. We'll also give you tips and tricks you can try that are essential in getting higher rankings.

What should be avoided in optimization?

First, if a search engine optimization service asks you to provide 10 or so keyword phrases for them to optimize your site around, run away! Unless the phrases are the world's most obscure phrases, you don't have a snowball's chance in the Sahara of getting your site ranked in the top of a search engine with them all. Pick one or two keyword phrases to have the site optimized around and no more. A search engine like Google doesn't like a single website hanging at the top of the searches with more than one or two keyword phrases. Having many keyword phrases dilutes the focus of the website, dilutes the keyword density, and just downright confuses the indexing robots.

What are eCommerce Web Site Design Co.' results?

Email us for a list of websites we have performed optimization on and you can do a little research by putting in the keyword phrase into a search engine such as Google, AOL, Yahoo, or others and see where these sites rank.

How many other web design sites do you see that are so bold as to do this?

What else do you do?

For no charge whatsoever we'll also submit the website to the top search engines. Be patient, though, as a search engine takes several weeks to several months in order to include websites into their databases.

Search engine optimization is a word thrown around that doesn't mean much without results. And even if you've received good search engine optimization and have bad web design visitors won't want to look around the website. The combination of optimization and great web design is a powerful tool however in attracting guests and getting them to stay on the website. In other words pay per click SEO will get the site up in a search engine and viewed by many plus excellent web design and great content will keep your guests there and keep them coming back. You see our results. Why not let us perform optimization on your website today!





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